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At Try & Lilly we manufacture high quality headwear and technical textiles goods for customers around the world. Our bespoke uniform caps are made by skilled tradespeople at our factory in Liverpool and are worn by police, military and service personnel across the continents. We are cap design specialists so whether you need one or 50,000 items, Try & Lilly is ready to turn your headwear ideas into a reality.

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Established in 1864, Try & Lilly has been run by the same family since 1958 and everyone here shares a passion for quality and innovation. Over the years, we have amassed an incredible library of headwear patterns and samples, giving our designers an unparalleled source of knowledge and ideas. We are committed to keeping jobs and skills here in Liverpool, while supplying a fantastic range of products worn by people serving their communities in the UK and all round the world.

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A tough job is made easier by comfortable workwear, that is why we developed Airolight™.

Based on 150 years’ experience in headwear manufacture, Try & Lilly have designed Airolight™ for Maximum Breathability and Optimum Comfort. Airolight™ allows the wearer to focus on the task in hand without the distraction of an uncomfortable cap.


The first key feature of an Airolight™ cap is air circulation. This is provided by our unique Air Flow stiffener, which shapes to fit the head while allowing air to flow freely in and out of the cap. The innermost layer is a perforated band of breathable, natural leather, which is soft and supple for the perfect fit.


The Comfort Gap gives Airolight™ its second key benefit. Made using Try & Lilly’s special ‘drumming’ process in combination with a natural head leather, the Comfort Gap cushions the head by eliminating pressure points and allowing the cap to conform exactly to the wearer’s unique head shape. Because of this, the Airolight™ cap is a pleasure to wear.